l0vesicle asked: Your blog is so perfect <3

much love!

seansterrr asked: where'd you get the intro to good fights?

i’ve got the whole track

that-is-lifee asked: hey i love lorde and i wanted her to noticed the messages i sent her on tumblr.. do you have any idea to make that happen? thanks (:

It used to be a lot easier, but I imagine she’s flooded with questions now

the-paramouric asked: Why do I love ur blog so much?

:’) love you

✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 

Showing people how little we care.
Anonymous asked: Hi I'm a new fan and I want to know something about Lorde

her nicknames in school were “Dusty” and “Casper”