Anonymous asked: Ok so there's everything off Pure Heroine and The Love Club EP, plus No Better, what other unreleased Lorde songs are there and are there any we can listen to?

Loom, Lost Boys, Good Fights, Hospital but you can only listen to a snippet of Hospital and a live version of Good Fights

Anonymous asked: you need to stop acting like u have good fights and other unreleased stuff. that "intro" you posted sounds nothing like the actual thing


l0vesicle asked: Your blog is so perfect <3

much love!

seansterrr asked: where'd you get the intro to good fights?

i’ve got the whole track

that-is-lifee asked: hey i love lorde and i wanted her to noticed the messages i sent her on tumblr.. do you have any idea to make that happen? thanks (:

It used to be a lot easier, but I imagine she’s flooded with questions now

the-paramouric asked: Why do I love ur blog so much?

:’) love you

✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝