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✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 
✝ Lorde ♚ Blog ✝ 

Showing people how little we care.
Anonymous asked: Hi I'm a new fan and I want to know something about Lorde

her nicknames in school were “Dusty” and “Casper”

Anonymous asked: I'm going to a Lorde concert and I want to know if she goes out to meet fans after the concert is over

She doesn’t :(

Anonymous asked: Ella is so cuuute i cant

i know i adore her

anklebiterzz asked: Follow me???? Oh and amazing blog btw OBSESSED!!! ;)))!)))

thanks!! I’ll check your blog out

apohllo asked: How do you know about Loom and Lost Boys? I looked all over the internet and they're barely mentioned. Could you post snippets if you have them?

I don’t have them :/

I’ve just heard around the fanbase about them, and I’m 99% sure they exist.

I’ll find them one day :)